He is honest and will treat everyone who appears before him fairly and with respect regardless of their race, gender, and socio-economic status. He believes in justice for all!

Dr. Goldie Wells, Greensboro City Councilwoman

I met Chris Brook when we started law school together almost two decades ago. It didn't take long for me to identify him as a person of sharp intellect, quick humor, and great compassion. Even as a young law student, he found a variety of ways to live out his belief that every person was entitled to being treated justly, no matter how poor they were, where they came from, who they loved, or what they looked like. It's been inspiring to see him develop these values as a lawyer and maintain his commitment to them as a judge. I know he sets out to do right by people every day, and that's the reason I'm proud to support his election as judge on the Court of Appeals.

Spencer Merriweather, Mecklenburg County District Attorney

 I can think of no one better qualified to serve on the North Carolina Court of Appeals than Chris Brook.  His entire life has been dedicated to upholding the law and protecting the people of our North Carolina. He is fair, impartial and dedicated to the rule of law and administering justice without fear or favor.

I am proud to endorse him.  Please join me in keeping Judge Brook on the North Carolina Court of Appeals and ensuring justice for all.

Judge Greg Weeks, NC Superior Court (retired)

 I worked closely with Chris Brook for eight years. Not only is he an expert on constitutional law and appellate practice, but he brings a practical approach to otherwise esoteric topics. Most importantly, Judge Brook is deeply aware that the cases before him involve the most momentous tribulations of real people, and merit both the compassion and the intellect that he adds to the court.

Jon Sasser, Raleigh attorney

Judge Chris Brook is the total package North Carolinians deserve on the Court of Appeals. He has an unwavering commitment to the rule of law, a brilliant legal mind, impeccable integrity, an unparalleled work ethic, and an honest, humble devotion to doing the work he loves in service to the people of the State that he loves.

Judge Linda Stephens, NC Court of Appeals (retired)



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